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Mehmet Gozetlik
age: 29
country: Turkey
exposed: September 2007
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Please introduce yourself and tell us something about yourself and
your background.

Iím working as a senior art director in istanbul,Turkey. In my free time, I improve my design skills, make digital illustrations, watch anime, take photos, buy anime robot kit, search design industry. i think, design is my destiny

What makes a good website in your eyes?
It must be unique and extraordinary.

Could you tell us something about your work process? How do you
start? How long do you work on it? What mediums do you work in and which one do you enjoy the most?

first of all, I think about brief, I research about it and I create. the time I spend for my works is variable, it depends on the design I work. It might take 5 minutes or a week. I created a lot of design works in a lot of medium, motion graphics, web sites, desktop publishing, brand identity even industrial design too. I love design, medium is not important for me.

To what extend do you allow clients to influence your work?
Iím a perfectionist and my way must be unique. Personal design style and at the same time not be uniform. This is my secret.

What key feature are you missing in the application you most work with?
I use almost all the programs for design and so far I hadn't have any problems about that. Just one thing about the program is to suggest basic formulas to people, which doesn't influence me. whoever asks me which books I learned the programs from, my answer is "John Berger". i mean, vision more important than all of them :)

In what way do you use the Internet? What role does the computer play in your work?
as I said before, I use the computer for my need, to think about the work I have to produce. If we use internet cleverly, the doors the internet open for us are unbelievable.

Computer or Ink?
both of them is important for me.

Concept or Intuition?
both of them is important for me too.

The thin line between art & design is sometimes hard to define. Do you consider you work to be art or design? Why?
I see myself as a designer and call my piece as design. for others, they might call them as art, but it doesn't change the way I look at myself or my works.

If you had an unlimited budget and all the time you needed. What would you do?
I think I would change my status from publicist to public speaker. there are lots of things to tell people and the time is not enough to do that. I would dedicate myself to work for social think such as global warming, nature, art, history, humanity, etc.

What inspires you?
everything in nature, architectural works etc.

How do to you keep your knowledge up to date? Do you spread your knowledge at universities, conferences or workshops and so on?
I try to look at the places nobody does. it is usually nature, not the other designs around me. I think it is enough to be original for up-to-date. I usually go to conferences or workshop if I'm invited there to give a lecture.

Who is your favorite artist/designer? Why?
I like some of them but none of them are my favorites. if you have any favorite designers, it is impossible not to influence their designs. you can not be unique in this conditions.

Which project or website would you like to have made, or make?
I want to create something that never ever seen. I mean, I don't have any desire to design something which is already made.

Final words?
Open your wings and take a new breath. Find your unique way in the space. ?>